Hunan Overseas Construction & Engineering Corporation, with the state-owned company - Hunan Technology Import & Export Corportion as the predecessor, has heen committing to the constrction of municipal engineering from the date of its establishment. We accumulated valuable experience from many projects such as Yantian Port construction project in Shenzhen, water supply porject in Changsha, Xiangjiang River basin environmental pollution control project, water diversion and water quality environmental engineering project in Changsha, innocuous treatment project for urban refuse in Hunan, etc.
Since the beginning of the 80's at the starting time of the establishment of the company, we have been actively engaging in international engineering contracting, these projects are mainly in the industrial fields, involving chemical, papermaking, sugar, metallurgy and other industries.
We undertake many building projects from the contractings, include road, bridge, civil engineering production, etc., of which, a lot of "bridge of friendship" have been built in South Asia by our company.
Cooperated with Sinohydro Bureau 8 Co., Ltd., Hunan Hydro & Power Design Institute and other associate organizations, our company opened up broad prospects for our energy and power projects in Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Africa.